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Welcome to our website.  We are SEEC LLC (an acronym for Social, Environmental & Economic Consulting) and this site is designed to provide the following professionals in the residential real estate sector: appraisers, real estate agents, developers and builders with the education and information you need to evaluate the growing markets for green, energy efficient, high performance homes and retrofits from the perspective of value in the Pacific Northwest.  Click here for our Mission Statement.

Values and Sustainability

The things to which we attribute monetary value are directly influenced by our social values.  Our social values are revealed every time money is spent.  Our values are shaping our world, which in turn is causing more and more people each year to re-evaluate their values.  Values are not static. The dramatic growth in the green building movement in the West over the last decade is an example of a major shift in social values that is currently underway.  Does this also mean how we value is changing/should change also?  The Vancouver Valuation Summit in 2007 hosted many of the major European and North American valuation organizations out of which an agreement was made to address the interrelationship of value and sustainability.


How does this affect you, the professional, working within the construction industry?  Well a lot.  What we can build for and what the market will pay is the hard economic story behind the construction, buying, selling and financing of homes.  And the game is changing because consumer preferences are changing.  You need to be clear on the forces that are driving the green trend (outside of cheerleading), understand what green building is and you need objective, neutral, market relevant information with which to guide your business.  For instance:

We will not only inform you of latest data and trends, but provide you with a neutral forum for discussion around appraising green and energy efficient buildings.