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Introducing the Cost Data Addendum for High Performance Homes

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) and SEEC LLC recently launched version 2 of its Cost Data Addendum for High Performance Homes V2 (see attached Press Release). The addendum was created in response to appraisers’ requests for credible incremental cost data for homes in their markets that incorporate high performance measures, now includes under version 2 energy and water savings estimations.

SEEC introduced the addendum to the residential green and high performance homes community in the first of a series of webinars slated for this year.  The webinars are a MUST for any green/high performance builder wishing to have their homes accurately appraised.   Click this link to listen to a recording of the first webinar.  While COST does not necessarily equal VALUE, participants learned from industry experts (appraising, water and energy conservation) how completing the addendum will assist appraisers in the following areas:

a.            Cost data info allows appraisers to source appropriate comparables (particularly important in the absence of/limited green fields/or no direct comps)

b.            Cost data info could be used to test the reasonableness of adjustments made under another method

c.            Cost data info could be used by the appraiser to determine the rate of physical depreciation

d.            A HERS or EPS energy score provides the appraiser with documentation to prove a home’s energy efficiency

e.             Water and energy savings estimations could be used to calculate an overall adjustment for the savings identified