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All green classes and green courses have been developed and are instructed by professionals expert in their subject.

Energy efficient and green homes are gaining a larger market share in many parts of the country, expanding what was once a niche market….It is clearly in appraisers’ interests to familiarize themselves with these homes and how they perform in the market in order to appraise them appropriately”
Taylor Watkins of Watkins & Associates


Green Continuing Ed Live Classes for Appraisers in WA, OR, MT & HI

Green Home Trends and Appraisal Methodologies – 7 Clock Hrs
Accredited Continuing Education approved WA (#AP3294), OR (SEEC-C-0511-0001), MT (MT REA-5798), ID Board of Real Estate Appraisers and HI Real Estate Appraiser Program

Want an impartial critique of green building trends in WA, OR, MT, ID or HI?  Here’s what appraisers who have attended this course have said:

 “Your approach to education about green building techniques is much more reasonable and gets us thinking about where we may be going with this in the future.  So, thanks for the great education and thought provoking discussion.  You guys are doing a great job of bringing attention to the green movement in housing for appraisers.”  Aaron Byrd, AMB Appraisal

“I thought you both put on a great class and would recommend it to others wanting to take some well thought out and informative continuing ed. Looking forward to anything in the future you do”.  Brad Hoff, Appraiser

SEEC instructor giving class to appraisers
With green building construction estimated to rise up to a 38% market share by 2016 according to the May 2012 McGraw Hill Construction report, this 7 clock hour continuing education course is designed to give the appraiser in WA, OR, MT or HI a thorough knowledge of green and ENERGY STAR®  home certification programs they will encounter, including the ability to identify specific components with an understanding of the added value that particular components may bring.  The course critically evaluates MLS data, trends and case studies and allows the appraiser to consider, within work study groups, the various approaches to valuation for the likely types of green and energy efficient homes they will encounter in their local practice.

Learn More_Green Home Trends and Appraisal Methodologies

Instructors: Morning Fiona Douglas-Hamilton or Terry Phelan and Afternoon Robbi Currey or William Norman

Course Cost: $130 (price may be lower for certain classes that have been sponsored.  Hawaii course cost $180). 

Kind thanks goes again to our sponsor Northwest ENERGY STAR Homes that is partially underwriting the cost of delivering this class in OR, MT and ID through the end of 2014, enabling us to offer this class at the very reasonable price of $80 to OR, ID and MT appraisers.  Thanks to our sponsor Energy Trust of OR, along with NE OR appraisers, SE WA appraisers also licensed in OR are eligible to receive the discounted course price of $40 for our September 19th class in Pendleton, OR.



NEW Continuing Ed Webinars for Appraisers

Appraising Energy Efficiency in New Homes and Retrofits – 3.5 Clock Hrs
AQB Approved CE Course; IDECC Certified Course #4696

In addition, the webinar is approved for continuing education by the following State Appraiser Licensing Boards: Idaho, Oregon, Washington (Learn More_Course Description_Objectives_Instructors), Hawaii, Colorado (Learn More), Nevada (Learn More)

This 3.5 hr webinar gives the appraiser national and local context and content regarding energy efficiency in new homes and retrofits, providing them with a visual tour of energy efficient features and measures, an understanding of the role of energy performance labels and audits, while combining the latest thinking on capitalization and secondary evidence to support adjustments.

“Hi Fiona and Robbi – You put on a great webinar – tons of good and helpful information.  And very timely as well – I inspected an Earth Advantage home today and I feel better equipped for the appraisal. Thanks so much”
Deborah L. Pool, Certified Residential Appraiser

CDEI Instructors: Fiona Douglas-Hamilton and Robbi Currey, Certified Residential Appraiser, McCabe Appraisal or Bill Norman, Norman Appraisal

Course Cost: $65 ($40 for WA, OR, ID)

We are happy to announce Northwest ENERGY STAR Homes program is subsidizing the webinar in 2014 for appraisers in Idaho, Washington and Oregon. 


Green Classes and Green Designation Courses for Real Estate Brokers


Unlocking Green Value™ Courses for WA & OR Real Estate Brokers & Appraisers

Each 3.5 clock hour course is designed as a stand-alone module and, when taken as a series will not only progress your knowledge and expertise in new green homes and remodels, but also gets you a third of the way to earning NAR’s nationally recognized Green designation.

-Energy Performance Scores: Valuing Energy Improvements 3.5 Clock Hrs C8487 & (AP3061 WA Appraisers)

Consumers typically do not adequately account for the long-term operating costs they take on when they purchase an inefficient product or home.  In addition, most homeowners do not understand where energy (and, therefore, money) is being wasted in their home, or that heating and cooling accounts for over 55% of annual energy usage. They also do not understand the correlation between efficiency and the comfort, health and safety of their home.

The assessment associated with an Energy Performance Score has demonstrated it has the potential to both inform and change behavior, saving occupants on average 20-30% annually when recommended upgrades were taken.  The course will take attendees through an EPS assessment, examine data and case studies for completed energy improvements and look at energy efficiency from the perspectives of homeowners, prospective homebuyers, lenders and appraisers.

This is 3.5 hrs of continuing education for brokers, but is highly suitable for remodelers, home inspectors, mortgage professionals and even homeowners wishing to understand more about the value of home energy efficiency improvements.


Green Building – The Marketing Advantage 3.5 CEUs – C8519

This 3.5 clock hr course examines the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of green building and then takes the broker on a journey through The Inspiration House certified under the two major certification programs in WA.  Brokers will learn who’s interested in buying green homes and how selling green homes, when the benefits are thoroughly understood, is THE marketing advantage.


Getting the most out of a green appraisal 3.5 CEUs –  C8520 & (AP3062 WA Appraisers)

Can a broker assist an appraiser on a green home assignment and stay out of trouble?  Not only is the answer yes, but if brokers want to see the value for green homes being recognized, they need to know specifically the information relevant to appraisers on assignment and how to package that information.  Green features fall across a broad spectrum of qualitative and quantitative value.  Brokers will learn what’s important to an appraiser against the general background of the principles and concepts of appraising, identifying green features from the marketing and appraisal perspectives.  Appraisers attending this course will increase their knowledge in the quantitative aspects of green as well as benefit from the dialogue between these two professional groups.


Navigating Green Fields within the MLS Input Form 3.5 CEUs –  C8683 & (AP3108 WA Appraisers)

Multiple listing services across the country are ‘greening’ their listing input forms as they seek to provide fields that will enable accurate comparable searches for appraisers and expanded client searches/marketing for brokers.    The NWMLS and the RMLS were the first in the country to introduce green fields and NWMLS has just completed significant updates to green fields on their input form, as well as introducing a new green supplement.  The broker will learn how MLSs’ green fields are being included in RESO’s Data Dictionary in the national drive for RETS compliance.  In addition, MLSs that have worked with SEEC have a NEW free tool at their disposal for their members – a green features visual identification digital booklet developed by SEEC.  The course will step the broker and appraiser through the booklet, covering its essential role as a field guide assisting individuals to correctly identify green features, while eliminating input errors and associated liability.

Kind thanks to our 2013 Sponsors, Thurston Energy and Olympia Federal Savings


Green & ENERGY STAR® Appraising: How Agents Affect the Process 7 CEUs – C7185

This 7 clock hour continuing education course is designed to give the real estate broker in WA & OR a thorough knowledge of the green and energy efficient certification programs attached to homes from the appraisal perspective.  They will learn to identify the specific components of green and energy efficient homes with an understanding of the added value components bring and which components have social/marketing value and which components have quantitative value.

Agents and builders completing the course will know exactly how to work with the appraisal process to the benefit of their client or their project.

“Best clock hour class I have ever attended!” Dustin Van Wyck, Lumin Brokers

“Thank you for a wonderful class. Lots of food for thought and great insights. Was really interesting to hear Robbi talk about things from an Appraisers perspective.” Kim M., Cooper Jacobs

Instructors: Morning Fiona Douglas-Hamilton and Afternoon Robbi Currey

Course Cost: $115 (price may be lower for classes that have been sponsored).