Looking for up-to-date info on local, state and federal energy credits and rebates…..check out the DSIRE website


WA Green Building Market Share  2004-2009

Northwest ENERGY STAR Homes Four State Market Share 2010

Northwest ENERGY STAR Homes Four State Market Share 2011

McGraw-Hill Green Homes Report 2012

Earth Advantage Energy Rating Disclosure for Pacific Northwest Homes 2013



VALUATION RESOURCES FOR REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS (builders, real estate brokers and appraisers)

Appraisal Addendums

Appraisal Institute’s Residential Green Energy Efficient Addendum V2

SEEC’s & NEEA’s Cost Data Addendum for High Performance Homes

Renewables – Valuation Tool and Studies/Reports

Sandia National Laboratory’s PV™Value – Solar Analysis Tool

Selling Into The Sun – Full Report 2 Pager_final_010915

How PV system ownership can impact the market value of residential homes_Jan 2014_Sandia

Valuation of Solar PV Systems Using a Discounted Cash Flow Approach_2013_Appraisal Journal


PV_Case Studies_CO_2013

Relationship between wind turbines and home values


Green and Energy Efficiency Certifications – Studies


and accompanying Appraiser Reference Sheet for the above study

Built Green WA_Single family checklist

An Early Look at Energy Efficiency_CO_2015

University of N. Carolina and Institute for Market Transformation Home-Energy-Efficiency-and-Mortgage-Risks-Report-1 2013

2013_NEEA_ENERGY STAR_Homeowner-Homebuyer Survey

Green Building Value Initiative – Residential Report Final_2010



Glossary of Green Definitions

Please use, print and circulate the glossary.  The more people understand these terms, the better our communication around green.  This glossary defines the often-daunting terminology associated with green building.

For example: GREEN is a term now widely used to describe buildings designed and constructed with minimal negative impact to the environment and with an emphasis on conservation of resources, energy efficiency, and healthful interior spaces.

What is “Green”?  SEEC’s definition isNew Century thinking about resources and performance”And “Green Built”?  “Construction practices that are an appropriate response to current population numbers”.

SUSTAINABILITY refers to the concept that new development must meet the needs of the present without compromising those of the future. Sustainability is measured in three interdependent dimensions: the environment, economics, and society—often referred to as the triple bottom line.

Resources: A full definition citation list, including the numbers referenced in brackets is on the last page.