Valuation is gradually becoming recognized as a key component in the widespread adoption of green and energy efficient building practices.   Clearly issues around green and energy efficient valuation affect the real estate and development communities, financial and insurance sectors as well as the general public.  Yet outside of the appraisal community, little is understood of the forces involved in valuation. 

If you are an organization involved in the market transformation of residential buildings to green and energy efficient buildings (whether new construction or retrofits), you will need to address how these homes are financed and appraised.  SEEC’s team can work with you to develop your market to recognize and thus value green buildings.  SEEC’s consultants and instructors have individually pioneered the way in the Pacific Northwest.  Benefit now from this collective experience – others have.

Colorado’s first green MLS success

Talking with SEEC early on was very instrumental to our efforts”.
Patti Mason, Director of Advocacy,
U.S. Green Building Council Colorado Chapter

Green Valuation Roundtables come to New Mexico

“Challenges with appraisal values in general are a very real problem for our industry today, and this is particularly true with the valuations associated with green built, energy-efficient homes. There have been a number of efforts and initiatives that have been undertaken to address this issue, both at the national and local level. Few have been successful, or have even been able to identify the factors acting as impediments to a resolution. SEEC’s Residential Green Valuation Roundtable has been the only program I am aware of that was successful in bringing all the relevant players to the table to discuss comprehensively the obstacles to a meaningful resolution, and to offer some suggestions and a program to address those issues.”
Jim Folkman, Executive Director
HBA of Central New Mexico

Our Portfolio of Services

  • We work with national, regional and state stakeholders to develop and implement strategies to identify value for green and energy efficient homes
  • We develop and moderate collaborative stakeholder gatherings on green building valuation
  • We develop and instruct market specific green curriculum for real estate agents, appraisers and lenders/mortgage brokers
  • We develop peer-reviewed green case studies for the valuation community
  • We work with strategic partners to identify and disseminate green market data

Some of our clients:

  • Sustainable Development Task Force of Snohomish County
  • Built Green® WA
  • Built Green® King Snohomish
  • Northwest EcoBuilding Guild
  • Northwest ENERGY STAR® Homes
  • National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers (NAIFA) 
  • Santa Fe Community College – New Mexico Energy$mart Academy
  • BIA Hawaii